Buying A Mercedes Metris

The Mercedes Metris is a wonderful vehicle.  We have put 10,000+ miles on them and we love driving them. You should buy one.

When buying a Metris for a conversion there's a couple of key considerations:

  • If you want a Full Camper - you must start with a Cargo Van

  • If you want a Weekender - you must start with a Passenger Van

  • We can not convert the Extended Wheel Base Metris vans at this point

There are a few options you should request which will make our lives easier:

  • X27 Second Battery package

  • Q24 Rear Hitch

  • VY2 Upholstery option (our rear seat is a perfect OEM match)

Where to buy?

We work very closely with Mercedes Benz of Seattle and their Metris salesperson, Keith Donaldson. They are located two blocks from Peace Vans and the proximity and professionalism makes for a perfect working relationship. If you do order from them, they are able to hold in their facility until we are ready to work on it.  Keith often has several vans in his production queue built to our specification.  Email Keith at